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244                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

has a handsome fortune, is an excellent man, and
his father was a premier-president of some chambre
des comptes or des aides. They are to keep house
for her mother, and her father too, if he chooses.
Eugenie says he shall have his apartment, and a
door of his own, and even his fat mistress, if he
wishes it, en toute liberte! These are principes a
la frangaise in all their perfection. If I had stayed
and resided at Paris, I was to have had their
principal floor, and to have kept house with them.
Benincasa is at Paris, on his way to Italy,
where he expects to be Director of Modena.
Ciccapor6e came over here to spend a day with

FontaineUeau, October 8th, 1797.

I did not expect I should still date from this
place, but I am here in a state of suspense and
uncertainty. Not a line from the ministry or any-
body. You may judge that I am amazingly tired
of my situation, and nothing but my good health,
the beauty of the weather, and purity of the at-
mosphere, keep up my spirits.

I have transmitted to the ministry a letter I
have received from the Commission des Echanges.
It is as follows: